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Adding more Respect to the World

Respect – I’ve been thinking a lot about this term, after my workshop on the topic at AgileDC, and in light of many events across the globe.

In several different environments, the topic of how we show respect to the planet and to others has come up. Am I simply voicing an opinion, or acting on the motivation to make people awesome?

I decided on my tattoo back in 2017 partly to ensure that I remember to put more love into the world. Am I doing what I can to put more respect into the world as well? How are we respecting others and ensuring that everyone has space to learn, grow, and succeed? And yes, that is important in the workplace, as it feeds into job satisfaction and engagement, which in turn encourages innovation, performance, and productivity.

It's been on my to-do list for a while, but today, I've published a code of conduct. It's my goal that this will help me focus on making people awesome, and set a baseline of how I will behave and how I expect my clients to behave.

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