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Closed Loop Communications

I learned something about communication today. Well, I already knew that closed loops communications was important, but I got a taste of it today.


We started our renovation project today. Part of the dust protection got installed.

I was assuming that one part of the house would be “wrapped” while a different part wouldn’t be. And what happened was the exact opposite! While I was ready for padding and cushioning on the stairs, I was NOT ready for my bed and dresser to be wrapped in plastic! I had made some assumptions, and so did the project manager. And neither of us confirmed those assumptions with the other.


I now know that I need to provide better communication by using “closed loop” communications. That involves a little extra effort but will definitely reduce miscommunications in the future.

 Closed loop communication adds a couple small steps to any conversation, to ensure that the receiver understands the message. The message "receiver" repeats back information, or asks clarifying information, and the "sender" confirms that the receiver has the right details, or adds clarifying information. It goes like this:


  • PM: I’m sending my protection guy out on Thursday

  • Me: Thursday will be great. (confirm) Will they be covering the stairs? Or what other areas do I need to have ready? (ensure I understand)

  • PM: They’ll be covering the furniture and heat vents in the bedroom. I’ll also have them protect the chandelier and carpet in the hall and install zip doors to reduce dust. I’ll do the stairs on Monday. (verify and add additional information)

If we had made some confirmations, instead of just saying "great!" things would've really been great. It really is no big deal. We can pull the plastic off the pieces of furniture that we need, and the stairs will get covered before work starts. And I learned something. So maybe, it’s a win all around?


What assumptions are you making in your communications?


What did you learn today?

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