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Working and being my own boss

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Well, it's been a bit since I've written anything for a blog... anywhere. And today, I'm trying something new (yet again!). This time, blogging on my very own web site - woot!

Being a solopreneur has a steep learning curve, but I'm starting to get the hang of it... even if I don't yet have any income from it (soon, I hope!).

It's much the same as when I was a consultant for a firm. There are multiple layers/hats that I'm wearing. I have to worry about the job for the client (when I get a client), and I have to worry about preparing for that client (how's the course preparation going?). I also need to think like a marketing pro (LinkedIn activity, blogs, getting seen), and like an accountant (do you know that double-entry accounting was made popular in 15th century Venice by a friend of daVinci?). By the way, I'm not much of a marketing or accounting wiz... There's so much to think about, and it is sometimes difficult to decide what to do next.

I'm learning a lot, though:

  • Time management and energy management are inter-related. I can't block off two hours to do deep, creative work late in the afternoon. The two hours are there, but the creative energy just isn't.

  • We all pay more attention to ourselves than others do. That small stain on your shirt that you've been obsessing about all day? Yeh, no one noticed.

  • Style and image and formatting are important, but only to a point. I'd certainly love to have a PDF document for my pilot class with form fields that are formatted perfectly. But that's not gonna happen. The content of the document is spot on, however.

  • Making videos is REALLY HARD! I'm creating short videos, and it's a lot more work than presenting live. When I do in-person (or even live online) training, I certainly still prepare, but I'm not stressing over each and every word that I say, like I am now that I have to listen to myself, and try to keep the videos really short, and keep everything somehow cohesive...

  • I need to take care of myself.

If you're interested in the course I'm building (communications for dev managers), I'd love to hear from you! Contact me, and we can chat!

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Tomo Watanabe
Tomo Watanabe
09 oct 2023

Susan, I've recently learned about my time management and energy management. Best of luck to you in your endeavor! --- Tomo Watanabe

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