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Empowering Teams & Leaders for Success

It’s trite, but it’s true – people are a company’s greatest assets. In order to benefit from the talents and skills of our employees, we need to ensure that they are working within a well-organized system that's designed around them. We need to ensure that the processes in an organization are built with the people at the core. With a strong, well-communicated vision, and people who are empowered and trusted to do what works, your company can do amazing things.

By working with you and your staff to refine and revitalize your processes, I can help you:

  • Reduce the time-to-market of your IT products

  • Improve employee creativity and engagement

  • Increase customer satisfaction

Contact me today to learn how McIntosh Consulting can help your leaders and teams thrive through respect, empowerment, and open communication.

Bridging Gaps

Misunderstandings between IT and business stakeholders can significantly impact project outcomes. With my experience facilitating collaboration across departments, I can help implement communication plans to reduce ambiguity and establish early warning systems to proactively identify potential misalignments.

Expert in Coaching

I leverage proven coaching techniques gained through professional training and hands-on experience to unlock the potential of your staff. My personalized approach helps develop key leadership, collaboration, and technical capabilities within your organization. 

Humanity in IT

Effective communication is critical, even in technical environments. Leveraging my background in education and English, I can work with your teams to optimize information sharing through enhanced written and verbal communications. This will empower staff and ultimately lead to better fulfilled customer needs.  

Agile Through and Through

Continuous improvement is my passion. I combine a keen eye for identifying incremental improvements with an understanding of adaptive leadership required to drive and manage change. Integrating team agility with systems-level improvements and leadership are my passion areas.

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