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Personal Code of Conduct

I strive to make people awesome. In all ways possible, I will embrace an agile mindset, creating an environment where high-performing teams thrive. To this end, I will:

  1. Promote well-being and sustainability. I will act with care and compassion for the well-being of myself and others, and for the well-being of our environment.

  2. Practice justice. I will treat all people fairly and equitably, seeking to build inclusive relationships in all ways possible.

  3. Tell the truth. I will be honest and transparent in my words and actions.

  4. Grow people. I will encourage others to develop their skills and abilities.

  5. Learn continuously. I will seek new knowledge and understanding to improve my abilities and processes.

  6. Deliver value. I will provide services that benefit others.

  7. Adhere to the Code of Ethical Conduct for Agile Coaching

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